Thursday, February 27, 2020

United Parcel Service Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

United Parcel Service Inc - Essay Example That is through effectiveness and efficiency in combining the flow of products, funds, and information. In the course of achieving these goals, the strategy of the company aims at sustaining core competencies in pursuit of sustainability. That is through utilization of technology to generate new services while studying the behaviour of the consumers to anticipate their needs and expectations. Besides, UPS’s strategy focuses on attracting talented employees to facilitate the development of competencies through the integration of funds, products, and information. Moreover, UPS focuses on practising innovation to facilitate the realization of growth, as well as the creation of an environment, which enables employees to operate effectively and efficiently. That is in accordance with the demands and expectations of the consumers. Similarly, the strategy of the company incorporates increased investment in the core aspects of worldwide distribution, as well as logistics. Operations S trategy Cost - Low-Cost Operations UPS focuses on the achievement or realization of the lowest total overall costs in comparison to other competitors within the industry. One of the aspects of the low-cost operations is the tendency of the company to integrate technology for automation and enhancement of efficiency in addressing the demands and expectations of the target customers. This capability is essential to improving the image and reputation of the firm in its attempts towards becoming a global leader in the industry of operation.

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