Saturday, March 14, 2020

102 Causality and Research Professor Ramos Blog

102 Causality and Research Causality Quick Write Any questions on the Causal Analysis essay? Causality Causality: the relationship of cause and effect You should identify the types of causal relationships on your charts (you might use different types of arrows, different colors, or simply labels to show what kind of cause is being mapped). Necessary Cause: any factor that must be in place for something to occur. Sufficient Cause: is a condition that always produces the effect in question. Precipitating Cause: the proverbial straw that breaks a camel’s back. Proximate Cause: nearby and often easy to spot. Remote Cause: may act at some distance from an event but be closely tied to it. Reciprocal Cause: you have a reciprocal situation when a cause leads to an effect that, in turn, strengthens the cause. Contributing Factors: add to the causes to bring about the effect. Document Cause and Effect Take a picture of a cause and an effect. Share both on Twitter or Instagram. Combine them if you can. You can locate them online or outside. Label the causal relationship. Tag it with #ramosclass Why is society so fascinated with serial killers? Asking Why Why College Students Aren’t Voting What is the question   you are exploring? Use why, how, and what if to come up with your question. Why do we have some many school shootings? Why did Harvey Weinstein get away with it for so long? Using Sources What are the ways you can use sources in your essay? Explain Provide information Examples Credibility Quotes Research data Ideas! Quote Sandwich One of the most important skills you can learn in academic writing is how to incorporate sources. To help remember this, we will use the metaphor of the quotation sandwich. The Quote Sandwich. Introduce the Quote, Quote, explain the quote. Do not drive by quote. When you quote or use a source you have to explain it and use it. The quote sandwich is why you cannot start or end a paragraph with a quote.

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